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Diagnostic - Approximate cost of parts and labor will be given.

Tune-Up - Typically 1-2 Hours of Service

  •  Memory upgrade if needed.

  •   Remove programs slowing down system.

  •  Install or update virus software.

  •  System cleanup and optimization.

  •  Windows and Office Updates.

  •  Vacuum CPU, power supply, and case fans.

System Reloads - Typically 1-3 Hours of Service

  • Reloading OS

  •  Install Applications

  •  Install Drivers

  •  Install Antivirus Software and updates

  •  Install MS Office and Updates

  •  Backup and Restore Data

  •  Install Adobe Reader, Flash

Program Installs - Typically 30 Minutes

Memory Upgrades - Typically 15 Minutes

Virus Removal - Typically 1-3 Hours

  • Installing Virus Software and Updates

  •  Scanning and Removing Viruses

  •  Installing Adware and Spyware Removal Tools

  •  Scanning and Removing Adware and Spyware

  •  System Reloads if viruses cannot be removed in a reasonable amount of time.

Data Backups - Backup of My Documents, Favorites, Desktop Files, Email and Accounting Software. This option assumes data is easily accessible and can be retrieved without performing data recovery method on your system.

Data Recovery - We will determine if your hard drive is recoverable using software methods in-shop or if the hard drive has physically failed and needs to be sent out for repair. A technician will contact your with pricing.

Note: All prices are subject to management discretion depending on the complexity of the issue. We use new and used parts for repair. We have a 30 day warranty on all used equipment. New equipment comes with the manufacture warranty only, typically 1 year. Special ordered items are non-refundable.